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Title: KT77s - Yum!
Post by: witeter on March 25, 2013, 10:23:10 PM
So finally got some KT77s in my JSX to replace the stock EL34s. I used Anthony at Tube Distinctions( ( guy! not only is he a Voodoo amp mod Europe representative of sorts he also does amp repairs,etc for people like Jimmy Page! Anyhow he is very down to earth and friendly and of course is a complete beast at what he does.

He also replaced the phase inverter in my amp with a TungSol preamp tube I had spare as it had a low reading.

Well - cranked the JSX this evening and wow! so much more punch, body and overall tone. Gone is the harsh top end and I didnt even have to touch my MXR 10band eq. The amp absolutely screams! The new phase inverter tube has given me more volume also which is great. So a big thumbs up from me for the KT77s! if you fancy something in between an EL34 and 6L6 give them a bash-you may be pleasantly surprised!