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I've read comparisons of the HD neck with CS neck etc.. but I can't find a direct comparison of  the RR and HD neck. I think the question has been asked but not answered where I can find it.
I have the Riff Raff and the Cold Sweat but never tried the Holy Diver neck. I've tried the bridge.
It would be going into a mahogany body with maple cap if that matters.

Guitars, Amps and Effects / Any Bogner Brixton fans?
« Last post by themetallicat86 on September 21, 2021, 11:35:46 PM »
I've had my little Brixton combo since January and love the thing!  I work odd hours and have four children (which doesn't leave much time to play with other folks), but this little thing gives me plenty of volume when I need some therapy and easily stays quiet when the family is asleep.  Full disclosure, I have modded it though.  I wasn't a huge fan of the g12h30 that came in it and tried out a handful of replacements until I settled on an Eminence P50E (Fryette had some available at the time and it gives the amp a slightly unique voice).  Sorry to ramble, I hope the day finds you all well.
Pickups / Re: Lower output humbuckers...
« Last post by themetallicat86 on September 21, 2021, 11:28:14 PM »
It was in a parts-caster (roasted ash body, roasted maple neck, hard-tail).  Right now it's back in it's box in my parts drawer until I strip and refinish a mahogany guitar (it was too bright with the ash body).  Still love it though.  I have another one that I've modified the snot out of that I keep as a spare since they aren't standard production anymore.  I've since put a modified DiMarzio Transition in the ash guitar (replaced the double-thick ceramic with a standard A5 to tame the high end and it seems to jive with that guitar rather well).
Pickups / Beautiful HSH sounding set for RG?
« Last post by Ephemeria on September 21, 2021, 01:43:55 PM »
I recently snapped myself up an Ibanez RG; however, the intention was to get a more traditional guitar. With the beauty of the Ibanez and rarity, I couldn't give it up. It's an Ibanez RG1550GX Prestige Limited Edition, which is a sparkly, whitish cream, with gold hardware. It's sort of elegant like the JEM, so I'm wanting to put white pickups with gold poles in it. The body is basswood, with a maple neck, and rosewood fingerboard. It also has a floating tremolo and the guitar resonates quite well - basswood/wood quality seems to be night and day with Ibanez Prestige guitars and the cheaper basswood RGs at a low price point.

The tone I'm after in my head for this guitar is an "elegant, beautiful, gentlemanly "think a cigars and whiskey session", songwriting guitar. I'm personally done with high output pickups - I'm shying away from the whole saturated shred tone, with the fluid Yngwie sweeps on the neck. I just feel I want to refine my playing with more songwriting now, with this guitar.

I'm going to start studying Rockschool's Electric Guitar and Acoustic Guitar syllabus (acoustic songs on electric as well, just with maybe using an Acoustic Simulator), my reason being the variety of songs which range from Blues, Country, Jazz, Funk, Indie, Reggae, Britpop, Classic Rock, Heavy Rock (yes, I copied this from the Mule page, ha. But the Mule pretty much sums up what I want from this guitar)

So, I'm looking for pickups that provide versatility for a wide range of styles, maybe not heading into the heavy rock area, but all that comes before. It has to sound sweet and vocal for lead lines, but also provide great clean tones for strumming and fingerpicking.

I'm assuming with a guitar like this, then any of the Alnico II pickups, along with the Mule, will be more suited to Les Paul guitars, and maybe a bit bright for this Ibanez. So I was thinking maybe the Abraxas solves this issue? Although, I would really like to hear opinions on the Mule. Sam Coulson has done a demo in a Strat, but unsure how it would suit an Ibanez. Or maybe 280k pots instead of 550k? Or even just the brightness of the Mule with use of the tone pot to tame the brightness?

Also, regarding the middle single coil, this will mainly be used for cleans (again, strumming and fingerpicking), along with adding Stratty sounds in the 2 and 4 positions, split with the humbuckers.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Pickups / Re: Crawler vs Abraxas
« Last post by darkbluemurder on September 16, 2021, 08:07:16 AM »
If you want darker than the Holydiver, the Crawler does this. I had them back to back in my PRS Custom. The Abraxas has a similar midrange voicing as the Holydiver so I don't think that would be the right choice in your situation.

I once started a thread whether there was a lower output Crawler but did not get much out of it.

Cheers Stephan
I tinkered some more and played it through different amps and decided to put the 470k resistor back on the bridge pickup lug of the selector switch.  I also changed it to a CRL 3-way and wired in a BKP CTS 550K push-pull as a volume pot with a 'partial split' mod (another 470k resistor between the push-pull switch and ground) on the Impulse neck humbucker.  Overall the guitar was too bright and 'plinky' ... I made sure that the 470k resistor was not in the main ground path of the guitar from the volume pot (it only affects the push-pull switch).  The wire channel between the bridge pickup and control cavities was also drilled out to make room for the cloth-covered leads on the Cobra-T.

Fitting the push-pull also involved removing a lot of wood from the centre bottom of the control cavity.

I also had new string holes drilled and the back routed for an Aumsen brass ferrule block (2 1/8" string spacing), which I polished myself with a Foredom jeweller's kit.

Guitars, Amps and Effects / Re: Stankevicius guitars model "Lukas" build
« Last post by b.gandt on September 16, 2021, 03:40:59 AM »
Looking good! 

How’s it progressing?
Pickups / Re: Tele Bridge Pickup to match Nantucket Neck
« Last post by timmy_pix on September 15, 2021, 01:59:32 PM »
Apologies if you've already tried this, but, assuming the bridge is wired in correctly, have you played with pickups heights to try to better balance the two?
Pickups / Re: Tele Bridge Pickup to match Nantucket Neck
« Last post by JDeSanto on September 14, 2021, 11:07:20 PM »
I haven't used a Flat 50, so I can't help from experience. 

I use a Nantucket bridge, in a non Tele guitar..  I have to go on memory, because it's been a while since I used the Boss (have Flat 52s in now), but the Boss and Nantucket, on paper, appear to be in the same general ballpark in terms of heat.   I can say that I get a more beefy sound out of the Nantucket.  I chalk it up to the nature of the types of pickups, that is, a P90 is ballsier than a Tele pickup when similar in output. 

 I haven't studied or made pickups, so...I may be full of it.

Thanks! Thats what I was thinking as well.  I am really loving the Nantucket Neck.  There is somehow thick and clear but with the right amount of grunt.  Really cool. It is my first real p90.  I am hoping the boss is a little closer match in the output and thickness. 
Pickups / Re: Crawler vs Abraxas
« Last post by b.gandt on September 14, 2021, 10:27:16 PM »
Since you mentioned low output humbuckers...

I have a set of Mules in my PRS SE Korina Singlcut. The neck is also Korina, rosewood board.  I love the way these pickups crunch.  Being a rocker, I'm usually crunching, but there is a great clean too.  It's a classic sound.
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