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Title: We're back!!
Post by: Ol on July 04, 2014, 10:35:46 PM
We're back!!

As you've probably worked out we had a bit of technical issue just over a week ago. We got critical things back up within 36 hours, and we've been beavering away trying to restore service to the remaining parts of the site which i'm pleased to say is now almost there.

Unfortunately we have had to restore the forum from an older backup as not only did our datacentre decide to hose the whole server without warning (including our local backups), but our most recent off-site forum backup suffered problems during restoration - as a result, regretfully we are missing pretty much most of the forum attachments. Anything hosted on youtube or elsewhere is fine though.

If you feel like editing a couple of your posts by re-uploading images/clips then feel free - but there's no obligation of course!

Many apologies for the interruption in service - we missed it too!

I'm going to slide off into the background now and let someone else take the floor...



PS. if you spot any glitches - just ping me a PM and I'll fix them asap.