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Author Topic: what is an out of phase pickup  (Read 12582 times)


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what is an out of phase pickup
« Reply #15 on: April 14, 2005, 12:02:24 AM »
Hi Chris,

I have an Emerald and a Mule on a Les Paul, the Emerald gives great harmonics (but so does the Riff Raff).  I wanted the Thin Lizzy type of lead tone (from Still In Love With You), and can get that but much more besides.  I also have VHII's on my PRS.  This is more of the Santana sound (but before Smooth!), think Samba Pa Ti or Black Magic Woman.

I just got a custom wound, which is the new Riff Raff (I think this is correct - right Tim?), at fist with new strings I thought it was a little bright, but as soon as the strings settled in it was perfect.  I have essentailly a Stormy Monday with Alnico IV in the neck and this combination is great.  You can get the Peter Green sound with the 2 pickups (the Riff Raff is Alnico V), without needing to be out of phase, and without the resulting volume drop.  I would really go for this if you want the old blues/rock tones.  The only thing is that you will start to play with the volume controls a lot more.  Besides BKP's usual trick of getting a great sound down to 1, the combinations now get different tones as you increase/decrease one against the other.

I also do love the Emerald/Mule combination too.  The difference is perhaps that it is more a rock/blues setup than a blues/rock, if this makes any sense to you at all!  But with my Marshall it is a tough choice because I can basically get any sound from both of them.  I think there are perhaps more clean tones in the Riff Raff/Stormy Monday setup.  The VHII's are more powerful in a way, but because they are on a PRS with the 5 way, it is harder to make a direct comparison.  Your best bet might be to come to the Guitar show and have a listen.  

Hope this helps a bit.

So many pickups, so little time

chris o'donnell

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what is an out of phase pickup
« Reply #16 on: April 14, 2005, 11:35:51 AM »
Thanks Phil.
You have given me a couple of combinations to drool over.
I happen to be in London at the begining of May and will try my best to get to the show. If I hear the pickups I'm sure I'll want to buy them all.

Unfortunately I dont have boat loads of money so I'll pay attention to the Riff Raff and Emerald.


a good riff beats them every time!