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Author Topic: The Mule/SD Combo  (Read 1535 times)


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The Mule/SD Combo
« on: March 01, 2006, 03:02:44 PM »
Hello all.  I am new here, but just bought my first BKP a couple weeks or so ago and had to post.

I have been looking for a particular sound for a while now.  And while I will still change guitars to get different sounds.. I have found the pickup combo which serves my purposes the best.  

In my PRS copy, I installed a Mule Bridge and a SD Pearly Gates Neck.
after some tweaking to get everything straight volume/tone wise....I am in heaven.  I mean the neck is buttery smooth, the bridge knocks your socks through your earballs, and using both gives such a glassy-type feel to it.  great for southern rock, imho...and a lot lot more for that matter...jazz, blues, etc.  I have a buddy who wants to try the Mule in the Neck and a vintage pickup in the bridge of his LP copy now, after hearing how mine sounded!

Probably not hot enough for the true shredder, or if you want to tap on the fingerboard like van halen or something.  I am sure there are other pickups out there which are hotter and better serve this purpose (like maybe the BKP VHII :)  I dunno how vesatile any pickup which is meant solely for distortion are though really.  I'd forsee myself changing guitars a lot i think... or if i had dimarzios! (just kdding Kev! I know you love 'em as much as BKP)

I needed something with a lot of range, and man did BKP deliver.
I am sold.
I am actually planning (saving) for a Tele set.

Anyways, had to post as a happy customer.  I won't be changing guitars that much during jams now thanks to BKP!!