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Author Topic: Yet another "help me pick a pickup" thread  (Read 1143 times)


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Yet another "help me pick a pickup" thread
« on: June 29, 2021, 12:18:30 AM »
Hi everyone.

So I'll cut to the chase. Help me pick a pickup set. Actually, help me pick TWO pickup sets. Both for mostly modern music, with some degree of versatility.

Axe #1: Ibanez RG 652FX. : It's a naturally very tight guitar, lightweight, VERY upper-mids forward.

Bridge: I'm mostly sold on the Warpig. I want a massive low end, palm mutes that make my amp sag a bit. If there is another I should be looking at, let me know.
Neck: my favourite neck bucker of all time is the Air Norton. It has a warm, tubular tone with tonnes of that squelchy pick attack. I'm given to understand the Cold Sweat has the ability to dethrone the Air Norton. Am I wrong?

Axe #2: PRS S2 Semihollow Singlecut: Big, fat, middy guitar with some serious chunk to it.

Bridge/NecK: Riff Raff set. I want this guitar to have some crispness and crunch to the notes, while the music I will play is pretty modern I would like the guitar to have a proper PAF type vibe to it.

Do you think my instincts are correct with these choices, or should I be going for something else?



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Re: Yet another "help me pick a pickup" thread
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2021, 09:00:52 AM »
Hola amigo, I'm not an expert yet but I have about ten different BKP bridge humbuckers so I can give advice based on what I have. The War pig is AMAZING and hyper aggressive, you'll be impressed with them if it's not "too much" for your taste. My favs are the Silo and the War pig, both of which have a big low end. I have the alnico war pig and I plan to try the ceramic version some day as well. All BKPs are versatile and clear in my experience. Consider the silo as well.
For your semi-hollow consider the Crawler, which is like a high output version of the mule, and the mule is the most versatile and popular of all their pickups. The crawler doesn't lose volume when you coil split it either, which is kind of a unique feature. It's very balanced and it's my favorite for lower gain/clean chord strumming. Also of course you could consider the mule itself, and the abraxas is supposedly also very similar to the mule and the crawler as well.
I also have a Rebel Yell which has really good note separation qualities when strumming chords, sounds great with tune o matic bridges and mahogany guitars, and has good harmonic content. At different times I've used it in a Les Paul copy, a neck through carvin with a TOM bridge, another neck through tele style made by schecter, and a HH telecaster. Sounded great in all of them.
As for the riff raff, I've heard nothing but good things about it but I haven't tried it yet. I don't see you going wrong with what you're aalready considering.

Oh yeah and about the neck pickups: Cold Sweat was my fav for a long time. The aftermath neck is similar but with more sustain and will give you more of a fluid tone if youre shredding and doing hammer ons and stuff. Also the Impulse neck is like that but with more harmonic content. Aftermath and Impulse are my favs. The impulse is the brighter of the two.
Currently: Silo, Rebel Yell, Crawler, VHII, Juggernaut, Holy Diver, Impulse, Cold Sweat neck, Impulse neck, Aftermath neck.
Formerly: C-Bomb, Piledriver, Cold Sweat, Mule, all my non-BKPs 😉

Dave Sloven

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Re: Yet another "help me pick a pickup" thread
« Reply #2 on: July 03, 2021, 05:27:54 AM »
The alnico Black Hawk might also be a good match for the bridge

It's a tight pickup, not as tight as the ceramic version but more pleasant in the highs and it has more low-mid content.  Might balance your guitar out very nicely.