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Author Topic: Wah Wah Pedals  (Read 6551 times)


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Re: Wah Wah Pedals
« Reply #15 on: May 11, 2010, 10:27:55 PM »
dude being a massive fan of alice in chains, I've got serious GAS for the new dunlop jerry cantrell signature just about to be released, can't wait to try it.

I've been through quite a few wahs recently and after much testing I decided on the buddy guy signature wah- my favourite -
the Buddy guy signature- 2 modes, throaty/ high and bell like- I use the high mode on the solo in this clip-
I like the tone - smooth prob cos of the fasel but it was expensive. Good for classic and contemporary styles.

Other's i tried recently
EVH wah- had to return this and get the buddy guy. It had a wide sweep which was very lacks with little resistance and only affected very high notes with little modulation on bassier notes. All gimmick this pedal I believe, got frustrated with it after one day. It offers far from a classic wah sound.
Jimi wah- vocal throaty, like it a lot, good for metal styles
Slash wah - Sweet sounding but not aggressive for my metal style mainly, good for clean funk. Plus I couldnt be arsed with the 18v system requiring 2 batteries and the useless boost function
Entry level crybaby- way too quacky and thin sounding with too much high end for me, very one dimensional
standard vox wah smoothest and sweetest sounding of all the budget wahs but still not as full sounding as the buddy guy.
Dimebag wah- way too quacky, could never get a good sound out of it
Zakk wah- very good for low tunings since its sweep seems to modulate bass frequencies the most. Sweet sounding with the fasel. Buddy guy has the edge again because of the second more classic mode. I got rid of the zakk wah without much discontent!

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