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Author Topic: Boot Camp Series Humbuckers  (Read 1246 times)


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Boot Camp Series Humbuckers
« on: June 14, 2021, 03:02:50 PM »

I am interested in the Boot Camp series humbuckers.

As far as I understand from the descriptions and EQ charts on the BKP web page, from dicussions and reviews I found on this forum and around the web, and from YouTube videos, the Brute Force bridge shares some similarities with both the C-Pig and the Painkiller, while the True Grit bridge lies somewhere between the Black Dog and the Holly Diver. The former seems to be a better fit for heavy and thrash metal, whereas the latter seems to be more suitable for progressive metal stuff (and possibly more versatile overall). Both would probably work well in pretty much any type of guitar, due to their less extreme/more balanced EQ chart in comparison to the regular line's offerings (this is, after all, the main motivation behind the BC series, I guess). Finally, I understand that the BF bridge could be combined with the TG neck with good results.

What's your take on these? Do you have any hands-on experience with them? These pickups are not dicussed very often in the forum. Given the substantial increase in the prices of the regular line's humbuckers that took place recently, I am considering to give them a try.

I am also hopping to see an extension of the BC line, adding some variety on the models, but unfortunatelly I don't see that happening any time soon (if ever...).
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Re: Boot Camp Series Humbuckers
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2021, 07:25:41 PM »
I wish I could help you...   I have no experience with the Boot Camp series, but will probably purchase a True Grit set at some point in the near future.    I have and have tried the VHII Bridge, Black Dog set, Rebel Yell, and I have a Mississippi Queen neck pickup, but that's the extent of my BKP experience thus far.   Thanks for starting this post, and I am also interested in what others have to say about the Boot Camps.


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Re: Boot Camp Series Humbuckers
« Reply #2 on: June 18, 2021, 08:31:22 PM »
There are quite a few posts around if you search.  I have a set of True Grits that I like a lot.  I can't compare them to a ton of other pickups, but the bridge is more open and less compressed than the Nailbomb or Holydivers.  The EQ is a bit more like the Nailbomb to me, or perhaps halfway between the Holydiver and Nailbombs.  They aren't as aggressive as the Nailbombs, which always wanted to play 90's and 2000's metal to me (Pantera, Opeth, System of a Down...), but they can handle metal just fine.  They have some "grit" to them which maybe makes them similar to the Black Dogs, so they're accurately named. 

The neck True Grit is sort of a really good, if somewhat "standard" sounding neck humbucker.  It handles gain really well and has nice cleans, splits pretty well, but doesn't exactly stand out to me.  It isn't bright and jangly like a Holyidver neck pickup, and not thick and syrupy like an Emerald neck.  It's a good pickup don't get me wrong, just fairly "standard" sounding. 

I found this video to be a good representation, even though they can do lower output stuff rather well also: