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Author Topic: Another newb looking for pickups  (Read 1403 times)


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Another newb looking for pickups
« on: February 27, 2006, 01:56:56 PM »
Hi there everyone, I've been considering swapping the pickups in my guitars for a while now and am looking for people to give me ieads as to what would suit my needs.

I'm currently using a Ibanez SZ with a duncan designed jb in the bridge and a seymour duncan 59 in the neck. My amp's a marshall dsl50. My sound is something like a more moder Iron Maiden type tone. I'm looking for a more powerful version of the jb with a tighter bass thats still good clean, maybe with less of a honk in the midrange, for my neck I'm looking for an Iron Maiden type sound, the 59's pretty good but is maybe a little low on output, the problem I normally have with neck pickups is that they're normally far too bassy, the 59 seemed to rectify this but as i said, im wanting a little bit more output. Probably something with a nickel/chrome cover to make it sound quite smooth, but hot! I'm not wanting a crazy mega distortion style pickup that doesnt do decent cleans, just something with alot of power,

I'm buying a new guitar soon, either a basswood bodied hardtail RG or something mahogany based, I'm looking to downtune that between Drop C and Drop A. Looking for a Bullet For My Valentine type sound from the bridge and for my neck pickup I'm looking for something that would handle the clean side of things so the cleans on the bridge arent quite as important.

I know I'm asking quite alot here, I'm just hoping there'll be very specific pickups that'll suit my needs and not a huge list, I'm awful at decision making! lol

Thanks in advance  :D