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Author Topic: Warpig or Miracle Man, same old story...  (Read 1801 times)


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Warpig or Miracle Man, same old story...
« on: February 28, 2006, 08:12:03 PM »
Hi all there!
I want to try out bkps and I will install a calibtared set of Warpigs or Miracle Mans in my Gibson (Mahogany for sure) Explorer. At least I don't like the neck pickup (think it's a 498) too muddy too less gain saturation but I can work quite well with the 500T at bridge, it's a quite good pickup I think... so the reason for changing both of them is on the one hand get a better neck and on the other hand just trying out new stuff, like to again and again modify and curiosity...
The main reason I'm writing is that I'm sure that I could work very well with the Miracle mans but as I said I'm curious and I think that the Warpigs might be the more extraordinary Pickups. My problem is that I don't know too much about how they sound as alnico V/23 kOhm is quite a special specification I think.... I've listened to all the sound samples, but I'm sorry, I can't get too much out of it... I can't imagine what a Warpig sounds like through a 200 Watt Tube Amplifier with two 4x12 cabs after listening to a POD mp3... I use a Diezel Herbert, which is quite flexible in tone, tons of bass and gain, no problem... By the way I can work quite well with an EMG81 at neck for solos and shred... I like the thick saturation of it. I'm quite into metal (harder stuff). I play standart tuning half step down, 0.10-0.46 strings, 24.75 scale. I like Guitar sounds like Pantera, late Carcass,late Death,late Over Kill, I'm not after battered sounds like Venom, Dismember, old Entombed, old Carcass, Punk and that stuff though I like those Bands too.... I don't need clean sounds with that guitar.
Again I know the Miracle Mans might be exactly my Pickups, but my question is how different do the Warpigs sound compared to them, how big is the difference in clarity, gain saturation, bite, pinch harmonics, response. Do you think the warpigs will offer me a big adventure and satisfy my needs or do you think I'll be screwed by them as I don't wanna play dropped down old school punkrock?
thanks for your advice, Rock on! Don
Gibson Explorer, Flying V FF-82, Diezel Herbert, Engl 4x12 Vintage 30