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Author Topic: SHOOTOUT: Holy Diver & Dimarzio Super Distortion Comparison  (Read 2497 times)


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Hey guys,

So I've been looking at getting some new pickups for my Les Paul and stumbled upon Nolly's Modern Metal DI tracks from the BKP website. So, I threw them into ProTools, setup a basic metal tone in PODFarm and played the same riffs as the clips with my Les Paul equipped with a Dimarzio Super Distortion.

Please excuse the mediocre tone and shitee playing. I whipped this together pretty quickly.

What you will hear is the Holy Diver clip and then the Super Distortion. Now, I know this isn't 100% a true comparison as they are different guitars but I believe it gives a good representation. With saying that, I know that the guitar Nolly used was an 80's Les Paul Custom that is medium-bright. I would say my guitar is well balanced but it is equipped with 300k pots and my guess is that the BKP test guitar has 500k or 550k pots. There is a huge difference in the top end of each clip. Nolly's clip was also recorded with a much nicer DI than mine and I was monitoring these clips with NS-10s, so the low low end isn't very apparent in those speakers and I may be missing some flubbiness.

My impressions.... I prefer the large low end of the SD to the Holy Diver. The HD has lots of bottom but seems to be a little less focused, it's broad but thick. The SD is fat but in a focused frequency range but I can see if getting flubby in certain amps like a Dual Rectumfrier or Orange. Obviously there is much more clarity in the HD but like I said before, not sure if that's 100% the SD's fault or a combination of it's darker top end and the 300k pots. So overall, the HD seems to cut more, is more present and doesn't seem to lack anything where the SD is really nice in the bottom and midrange but sounds like there is a blanket over it, just dull.

Anyway, enough talk, take a listen to the clip and discuss!

I am also open to doing more of these so if anyone has a request, I'll quickly record a comparison.

Thanks and enjoy!
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Re: SHOOTOUT: Holy Diver & Dimarzio Super Distortion Comparison
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After listening to them both I would have to agree. I am condifering getting a set of HD's for the bridge in my Kramer Assault. The stock pickups are horrible. It has a mahogany body so good dense wood.  8)