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Author Topic: Treble-cut switch...  (Read 1466 times)


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Treble-cut switch...
« on: January 20, 2015, 02:21:26 PM »
Evening all!

Ok, so this might seem a bit of a strange request to some (or all) of you, but I'm looking for some ideas in creating a treble cut switch on my les paul...

The reasoning behind this is down to how I play - I use the guitars volume controls to switch between clean and overdriven sounds (never adjusting the amp once I've got it where I want it). In practice, this'll mostly come down to me rolling down the neck pickup's volume to achieve my cleaner sounds and flicking the pickup selector switch to the bridge pickup (set at full volume) for my overdriven/lead parts. For the most part it works a charm, and it's hugely satisfying having all the control i need without having to go near the amp or using excessive pedals. I do have one ongoing gripe, however, and that's the huge difference in the tone of the two pickups. Now I know it's to be expected that there will be a much harsher, more treble-heavy sound on the bridge compared to the muddier, bass-heavy bridge, and I know that these differences are often of great use, but when I'm switching between the two for a clean-to-dirty progression, I want the pickups to be far closer in tone than they naturally are (I'm using a matched pair of Bare Knuckle Stormy Monday pickups). Obviously this can be achieved by rolling down the tone on the bridge pickup - but fine-tuning your tone pot mid song compared to flicking a switch is no contest.

So here's what I'm aiming for - I've got a spare dpst switch (which could be swapped out for whatever switch is necessary for what I've got planned) that's only used to mute the output of the guitar, that I want to replace with a treble cut switch that only affects the bridge pickup. I want the treble-cut to work alongside the bridge pickup's tone control, so when the switch is 'on' it'll be as if I've rolled the tone on the bridge pickup down to around 7-8 to closer match the neck pickup, but when the switch is off it'll give me that extra top end that I like for solos etc.

I'm fairly handing with my own wiring as I've been fine tuning how i wire my guitars for a while now, but this one's completely alien to me, and I've not found another example online as a guide, so if anyone's got any idea as to how to achieve this, that'd be hugely appreciated!

Many thanks!

Ps. My Les Paul is currently wired in the 50's style wiring, with 500K CTS Audio taper pots for the tone, 500K RS SuperPots for the volume, .022 cap for the bridge and .015 cap for the neck, if that helps 😊


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Re: Treble-cut switch...
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2015, 10:19:56 AM »
Yes, this is possible. You will need a 0.022 cap and a 220k or 330k resistor and a switch (a SPST would be sufficient for this project). Solder a wire from the bridge pickup's hot output to the switch. Solder the cap in series with the resistor from the switch to ground. With the switch "on", you have an additional simulated tone control that is put on 7-8.

Cheers Stephan