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Chris Rowberry:
Just to let all you guys and gals know Bare Knuckle Pickups has finally arrived at Twitter so feel free to follow us for the latest news and updates on Twitter!!!

Twitter name is BKPickups

See you all there



OK - I know I am an old fogie, but what the hell are you supposed to do with Twitter

I have so far avoided it, thinking that on top of emails, forums, myspace, facebook etc etc - is it something else that I have to look at just to survive, or is it just another work disraction/avoidance type thing.

Is it just random text messages from people who are bored or can it be genuinely useful

Somebody tell me the benefits please

I'm with you on this Jonathan!! What is it? :lol:

I have a myspace account, but I regard it as complete @rse and never go there. I've seen the missus's facebook account, and after my own myspace experience, I have decided it's really not worth the effort for me!

I have enough problems, being on three music-related forums, finding time to actually make music (or do my job!) - what can Twitter do for me folks??


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