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Has anyone tried EFT?

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Hello everyone.

I'm thinking of trying EFT as part of my treatment plan for fatigue.  Has anyone tried it?  If so, what results did you get?



Electronic Funds Transfer.
Works everytime if money is coming in :)

Seriously though I have some serious issues in that area. Missed a year of employment not so long ago.
I saw loads of people at the time and was in real despair. I thought I was on the scr@p heap on a perm basis.
I met all sorts of strange practitioners in my search for help.

It turned out swimming worked well for me. No matter how tired you are you can swim. I couldn't swim more than 25m at first. I did it every day for several months and now 2 years later I've recovered 100%. I didn't think exercise would have such a good mental effect as well as physical. Worth looking in to

Ian Price:
Swimming and running for me. Very therapeutic.

Tried acupuncture a few times but just on my knee. Sort of worked although I don't think I would consider it for anything non mechanical.

i wish i had time to go swimming or whatever.
I get fatigue really really badly. thought it was a symptom of depression and got on various anti-depresents.
been trying to sort it out for years. I can't stay awake more than 2 hours in a day. its a MASSIVE struggle.
i have no idea what to do now... but swimming you say?

Ian Price:
I would definitely give swimming ago. It's the lowest impact exercise you can do and is a great work-out for the whole body.


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