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My first back headphones


Hey there!
I am looking for my first back headphones! I don't know too much about it, that's why it's a little problem to choose it properly.
I've been looking thought some reviews, searching for reviews here, but I haven't find enought information to make a desicion.
Tell me a little about your experience, I hope that someone will help me with that.
My friend has the back headphones, I tried it and I want to buy
I use headphones really often to listen some guitar guides and lessons, to write music and others
My friend gave me a link for review on back headphones, by the way, I have chosen channel-speakers there earlier, here it is: more @

I have loved my Grado SR 80s (that I bought with this payday laon for over a decade. They are very fun and lively, are easy to drive, do not need an amp and are at the bottom of your price range.


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