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Any Bogner Brixton fans?


I've had my little Brixton combo since January and love the thing!  I work odd hours and have four children (which doesn't leave much time to play with other folks), but this little thing gives me plenty of volume when I need some therapy and easily stays quiet when the family is asleep.  Full disclosure, I have modded it though.  I wasn't a huge fan of the g12h30 that came in it and tried out a handful of replacements until I settled on an Eminence P50E (Fryette had some available at the time and it gives the amp a slightly unique voice).  Sorry to ramble, I hope the day finds you all well.

They didn't run these small heads very long, did they? I don't believe they were a huge succes, but might be under the radar en therefore underrated. Anyway, most important thing is that your amp puts a smile on your face.

I had to look this amp up.  I love the simplicity!

The simplicity is indeed wonderful!  I've fiddled around with chains of pedals for years (and I have my favorites, I haven't totally sworn them off) trying to find a sound I was satisfied with.  This little thing just kicks serious backside and is forcing me to use my instrument more and I'm getting back a lot of the motivation to play that I'd lost the last several years.


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