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A couple of clips. Juggernauts Clean / Gain and Nailbomb Gain


I was working on some demos.   Amp:  Revv Generator 120 Mark 2. 

First clip:  Juggernaut in an Ibanez MIJ RG7421 with a hipshot steel FP bridge.  The playing is more traditional thrash / progressive kind of a thing.  Not the djent cr@p.  This demo may be very useful for some.  I don't really djent and I absolutely LOVE these pickups for death / thrash metal!!  I have some stuff in the pipe and maybe it'll be ready by early next year.

Second clip:  Alnico Nailbomb in a Gibson Les Paul Standard.   I *think* I used my Revv and my Electra Dyne for this one


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