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Quilter Aviator Cub


Mine arrived yesterday and I spent all day playing it. Great little amp. Beautiful cleans or turn the gain up and it sounds like a cranked Fender. This and a clean booster would see me through a gig very happily. 

I've been following Quilter for a while.
Just been watching a video - very cool sounds.

I couldn't tell, has the line out got some sort of speaker emulation on it?

Actually, just watched another vid that seems to show it does

It does have a cab sim on my Superblocks 25 UK and US.  I'm really happy with mine.  I plug into one of two 1x12s that I have, one with a Celestion Redback, the other has a Scumback J75.

Have yet to gig with one, but I've had them at the practice space, and they sound great for my needs.  Great crunch via the MV set up.  I haven't tried clean at volume, alough it sounds good at lower volumes. 


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