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Author Topic: Help please with PRS and True Grit pickup wiring  (Read 3189 times)


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Help please with PRS and True Grit pickup wiring
« on: July 27, 2020, 04:20:46 PM »
Hi, first time posting here.

I recently bought a set of True Grit Humbuckers to go with my PRS. Now its come to the wiring and I am a little in need of help(a lot). I can solder so no problem there but what I do want to know is which
wires goes to where on the guitar. Im gonna have to say keep it simple for me please. Maybe mark A Goes to 1, B goes 4 and so on if that even makes sense. This way I cant mess up. I will add the pictures I
have taken of the guitar and the pickups.

I have no option to take it to someone to do, impossible in the current state of the words and my condition. I want to learn this and try it. I would greatly appreciate all help. I have seen various diagrams that make little sense as lines cross
or are in black and white or wrote by someone who is colour blind. Letters and Numbers would leave little room for error or if you can think of a better way to show me where they go.

Anyways Pictures linked

Please please please halp me!

Thank you, stay safe!


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Re: Help please with PRS and True Grit pickup wiring
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2020, 11:23:15 AM »
From the pictures I see that the guitar has a lever switch and a push-pull pot. Is this a 3-way switch?

Do you have a multi-meter? If not, get one. It is very difficult to do guitar wiring without one.

I would first check where the wire goes which is connected to the volume control input. If the guitar has only one volume pot, then this wire likely goes to the switch. If so that is the switch output. The rest of the wires connected to the switch then must come from the stock pickups. The red wires of the BKPs would then go there. The black wires of the BKPs would go to any convenient ground connection (e.g. backside of a pot). Green and white are soldered together.

If you want to only run the pickups in humbucking mode, tape green and white and don't connect them to anything.
If you want to split the pickups, put the green/white of each pickup to the center terminals of the switch on the push-pull pot. Connect the two upper terminals and run a wire from there to ground. The two lower terminals remain unconnected. Now the pickups should be humbucking in one position and split in the other. If you would like the positions to be reversed, connect the ground wire to the lower terminals instead of the upper terminals.

Good luck,

Dave Sloven

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Re: Help please with PRS and True Grit pickup wiring
« Reply #2 on: July 29, 2020, 12:01:43 PM »
I recently had to rewire a friend's guitar that was a tangle of confusing colour wires (it was a BC Rich that he had attempted to install SD Black Winters into).  He had no gain, it sounded plinky like a piano even through a Peavey 6534+

I couldn't follow all of the weird grey wires, green wires, blue wires, and whatever else so I took all of the wiring out and rewired everything hot with black wire and everything earth with green wire, following the Seymour Duncan colour scheme. As I was doing it I discovered the cause of the problem: the coil split wires (red and white on a SD, green and white on a BKP) were simply cut and taped off, without being soldered together.  Always make sure those are connected, even if not being used with a switch.  I stripped the insulation back a little, soldered them together, and then insulated the end with shrink tubing.

Remember to put shrink tubing over the black and bare ground wires so that the bare wire can't short out the hot red wire if it touches the hot terminal on a pot accidentally.  I usually put more shrink over all the wires at that join, using different colour shrink (e.g., yellow and blue) to make sure you can tell the bridge from the neck without taking the pickups out.  Those little neck and bridge labels on the wires tend to disappear over time.  Looking into the cavity of the BC rich now I can see all black and green (besides the pickup wires) and it's really easy to follow what's going on.

Be really careful not to overheat pots and/or desolder a terminal leg.  Remember that it is very difficult to solder in cold temperatures, so if it is cold at night do it during the day.

The wires on your switch do look a bit confusing.  Most of the diagrams show the open type CRL or Oaks-Grigsby type switch types used on Teles (3-way) and Strats (5-way)

Try to work out what each of your wires is doing before pulling it apart