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Hello, I want to buy a guitar, but I don't have much money.


Hello, I want to buy a guitar, but I don't have much money.
I think what is better, yamaha f310 or enya?

Dave Sloven:
A bit of a strange question to ask on an electric guitar forum ...

The answer would be: the cheapest! All I can say is that Yamaha's are good value for money.

Depends on what you consider "cheap." A Squier Classic Vibe Strat or Tele will come in just under $400. But then you begin the game of, "Well for just under $500 I can get a proper Fender MIM Standard series." Honestly though, the Classic Vibes are pretty nice guitars.

If $400 is still a little high, then I would suggest an Ibanez RG. Sure, they look 1980's "Shredtastic," but the build quality and QC on Ibanez is about as good as it gets for Pac Rim instruments. I bought expensive guitar after winning on the Spin casino, that I found on the page about casino app review

The used market will get you a little better value, but you will have to hunt a little.

I had a squier strat for the first 2 years of playing and it served me well.


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