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Looking for Tony Iommi sound - budget is 700 max

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Hi friends,

Iím looking to get a guitar/pickup setup that mostly sounds like Tony Iommi/Black Sabbath.
Iíve been looking at his signature Epiphone SG, but itís a bit too high for my budget.

Iím either looking at something like a used Gibson Sg Special Faded on itís own, or an Epiphone SG which will leave money for some BKPs (Iím thinking Warpigs?)

If you had to choose between these two options, which would you pick? Or would you do something completely different?


A Gibson SG Special Faded is imo a well made and slightly underrated guitar, however some guitars in the 2020 Epiphone line did impress me. Good value for money. Choice depends also on the state of the used SG Special Fade if you find one. A safe bet would be the Epi and buy Warpigs. Then you know you will get close to the Iommi sound (at least when it comes to the guitar).

I'd go Epi and pickup upgrades, unless you can get a killer deal on a faded Gibson.

Dave Sloven:
700 quid, not bucks?

I have a SG Special Faded in Worn Yellow that I bought a few years ago for AUD $700.  I put (alnico) War Pigs in it, that was a good match

Look at the Blackstar HT-venue range and want to take a payday loans in Michigan for it. I bought a HT stage 100 (already had cab) for 600 sheets. Made by the old Marshall engineers, check them out!


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