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2014 Schecter C-1 Blackjack SLS FR-S


Dave Sloven:
This is my latest addition.

Alnico Black Hawk was an easy install, despite all the Sustainiac craziness inside.  I just worked out which wire was the hot from the SD Full Shred and then found the ground wires, desoldered them and soldered the hot and ground from the Black Hawk to the same places.  I also have a ceramic Black Hawk that I will try if the alnico version proves to be too dark

Tuners have been replaced with Gotoh SG301 MGT-20 locking tuners
1000 series Floyd Rose has been replaced with a Gotoh GE1996T
Tuning is C standard with D'Addario EXL117 11-56 strings

Awesome guitar, I had a couple of blue SLS7 and they are beautiful axes, it must be great with the blackhawk

Dave Sloven:
It's pretty good, not quite the tone of my Stiletto 6-FR (same pickup model) though, a bit brighter but it could just be the new strings

The Stiletto will always be my #1


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