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2018 Schecter C-6 Pro with alnico Black Hawk set

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Dave Sloven:
I got this guitar second-hand for a steal on Gumtree recently and then installed a Black Hawk set into it.  I removed all the old wire from the Schecter harness and rewired it with new wire.

Nice catch Dave. Oozes nineties vibe! Those axes always makes me hungry for a pointy headstock. I had a early Jem FP 77, with the original cloth under the lacquer and of course Steve's DNA-dust ))). I traded the Jem for a telecaster because I went vintage and that tele sounded just better on or maybe connected better with the Rivera amp I had in those days. But I should have kept the FP 77. It would be collectible now. 

Dave Sloven:
Cheers, yeah I've never had a reverse headstock before


--- Quote from: Dave Sloven on September 22, 2020, 10:15:37 AM ---Cheers, yeah I've never had a reverse headstock before

--- End quote ---

Mind you, I had a Jem and a Gibson MIII with reversed headstock as a backup guitar. In those times I traded a lot. When I was done with FR-style guitars the MIII went for a Ibanez AS 120...

Dave Sloven:
By the way I had to reshape the feet and drill them out for the philips head bolts used on the Schecter direct mounting.

To do this I simply threaded the BKP pickups screws right down in the Black Hawk and flipped it over, using it as a jig with the Schecter Diamond Decimator pickup over the screws so that I could shape the Black Hawk fit to match with a file and drilled the screw holes out with a 3mm drill bit.  Then I glued the rubber blocks from the Schecter pickups to the bottoms of the Black Hawks


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