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Johnny Mac:
The brown box is a HBE Power Screamer with Fat Boost. I first tried a Powers Screamer at the LGS on Feline Guitars stand. Thanks for that Jonathon!

The white box with red knobs is a HBE Dos Mos which Ben TO told us all about some time back! It's a clean boost basically and it's amazing! Thanks for that Ben!

They both sound gorgeous, even in a little 12w Marshall practise amp!

The guitar is the Pawnshop Schecter.  8)

The other stuff on the new coffee table is just the laptop and stereo I brought back from LV. There is other stuff but it's not that relevant!

I like the simplicity of the Schecter, nothing fancy just a straight forward guitar.

congrats on your haul


Successful trip there Johnny._ am looking forward to reading your thoughts on the new pedals-the i-pod thingy looks pretty smart too.

I like the website on the laptop - Do you use it for anything else Johnny? :lol:

American Spirit, OMG, you must cough for Britain! LOL


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