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Author Topic: 5.1/Bluray package deals  (Read 975 times)


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5.1/Bluray package deals
« on: October 16, 2010, 05:37:01 PM »
Just wondering if anyone knows of any good deals going on Bluray players + 5.1 sound at the minute? We're upgrading all our tv stuff to hd so want a good bluray player and surround sound for films. The only system they had in Comet was a Panasonic Bluray + 5.1 for about 450 which seems a lot. It sounded ok but it's hard to tell in those show rooms.

I noticed this online (yes I went on one of the iPads in comet to compare prices :lol: ) for a lot less. Doesn't have floorstanders though, are they worth the extra money?

Anything else we should check out in a similar price range from Richersounds etc? We're not really audiophiles, just want sound that isn't boxy or fake sounding and will be good for watching films!

How about the Richer Sounds Home Cinema Package Deal 2?

Blu-ray Player
Philips BDP2500 TSP
Yamaha RXV367 TSP
6 Speaker Package
Onkyo SKSHT528 TSP

Works out 50 cheaper than the Panasonic system in comet.
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Re: 5.1/Bluray package deals
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2010, 05:58:27 PM »
PS3 cash convertors


It does aboslutely everything and shall shortly be getting the firmware update for BDXL which is 5 times higher quality.

Also it supports 3d blu rays as well if you ever want to venture off that way

As for surround sound you'd be best asking Ben

I just use a sony 5.1 receiver with  set of mission speakers and yamaha active sub

Think it cost me about 200 in total for the home theatre stuff
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