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Author Topic: suggestions for a clip?  (Read 1353 times)


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suggestions for a clip?
« on: February 27, 2006, 04:49:21 PM »
ok my parents are out for a few hours, so is my sis, and im in a particularly careless mood so the neighbours dont matter. its the perfect opportunity to record something of my lc30 (not cranked) but LOUD! any suggestions people? just wondered if there was anything people were interested in hearing from this guitar/amp/pup?

its a gibson les paul melody maker with tapped BKP 92 and it'll be through my lc30 or crate gt65 (but i doubt anyone will want to hear anything through that because its solid state and everyone knows that you simply HAVE to like valve amps better....  :roll: )

anyway, bear in mind, it'll be through a cr@p mic, with a cr@p player, and anything i dont already know will have to be quickly learned before anyone gets back home.... so go easy....