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Title: HSH 5-position (Strat mode) PLUS HH 3 position (Les Paul mode) with DPDT
Post by: elliptic on November 19, 2017, 01:12:36 AM
I'm building an HSH, but I want to be able to have the guitar work in 5 position "Strat" mode, with optional coil splitting, a well as revert to being a simple HH with a standard 3 position toggle, "Les Paul" mode.

So the 3-position toggle is up the top, Les Paul style, and the 5-position switch is down the bottom, along with 2 push-push DPDT pots, one for switching between humbucker and split-coil mode, and one to switch between Strat and Les Paul mode. Single volume and tone pots, obviously. Two main reasons are speed of switching when playing live, some songs work better with the simple 3-way, plus I want the option of the Gibson style middle position, with neck+bridge, as well as occasionally the middle pickup on its own.

There are plenty of wiring diagrams out there for each mode, but my question is can it work just using a DPDT to switch between the output from the 3-position and the 5-position switch? Is it that simple? Or will the fact that the pickups are effectively wired in to two different circuits mean the two aren't really isolated and will interfere with each other, so it's not a clean switch from one mode to the other?

Or will the DPDT effectively mean that only one circuit at a time is connected to ground and so give it isolation?

Or is this just a stupid idea?   :undecided: