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Author Topic: Pickups for (rather dark) Gibson LPC 68 Reissue  (Read 806 times)


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Pickups for (rather dark) Gibson LPC 68 Reissue
« on: October 09, 2016, 02:36:28 PM »
I recently bought Gibson LPC 68 Reissue and it came with Lindy Fralin PAFs which I don't like because they lack like... Everything. I don't like PAFs in general. My two other guitars are Gibson LPC '10 with EMG 81/85 and Gibson Explorer '10 with standard 496/500 pickups. I had Rebel Yells in my Gibson Traditional and I liked them too but I sold them with the guitar some time ago.

Right now I'm playing everything from blues, through stoner to metal. This guitar won't be tuned lower than C standard or drop B.

I'm thinking about two setups:
1) Keeping this guitar on the same "level" as my two other guitars. For this setup I'm thinking about alnico Nailbomb for the bridge and Cold Sweat for the neck. I'm worried that this set will be an overkill due to darkness or/and muddiness OR it will have too much bass in general. On the other hand I know that it will have just right amount of growl in it.
2) Keeping this guitar as an opposite for my two other guitars (lower gain, more open, more organic but somehow agressive) and for this I'm thinking about, I dunno, VHII set maybe? Just like I wrote before, I don't like PAFs in general and I'm worried that VHIIs would lack "growl" in them.

I haven't decided which way I should go so any ideas for both of these setups are welcome  :smiley:


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Re: Pickups for (rather dark) Gibson LPC 68 Reissue
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2016, 12:19:40 AM »
I was thinking Rebel Yells immediately (closes the gap between vintage and contemporary), followed by Cold Sweats, C-Bombs and maybe alnico Blackhawks, although optically they don't fit a LP very well, but they might do the trick since they are tight and clear all over the fretboard.
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