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Title: crawler for b.c. rich
Post by: rdeflavia on May 26, 2005, 08:12:38 PM
cheers all-

it's been a difficult choice as to which bkp pickup to purchase--because each bkp pickup is fabulous in its own way!

at any rate, i'm going to purchase a "crawler" for my b.c. rich "the out law".  this guitar is from the "body art" collection circa mid-80's with one bridge-position humbucker pickup which is angled slightly with respect to the strings.  the stock pickup, an "emg select", is somewhat noisy and it exhibits unpleasant overtones and false harmonics especially when it comes to intervals of a third.

the guitar plays quite well as far as the action is concerned.  but when i install the crawler, that will finally give me the great sound i've been looking for.

i would be happy to hear your suggestions and/or opinions--thanks.

-best, russ
Title: crawler for b.c. rich
Post by: Ratrod on May 26, 2005, 08:25:50 PM
Welcome to the forum. :drink:

The Crawler is a good pickup. I'm getting a set myself.

But before you make any hasty decisions; what kind of wood is it made of? (my guess is basswood) And what kind of music are you playing on it? And what kind of sound are you looking for?
Title: crawler for b.c. rich
Post by: Tim on May 26, 2005, 09:09:04 PM
You're definately after my job :lol:
Title: crawler for b.c. rich
Post by: rdeflavia on May 26, 2005, 10:15:46 PM
cheers and thanks for your replies-

i wanted to say more about the guitar, but i didn't want the initial post to be any longer than it already was  8)  thanks for being gracious.

Be-Bop-A-Lula is correct.  a little research revealed that it's made of basswood with a maple neck.  also, it has a locking nut and a floyd rose (tremolo) bridge with micro-tuners. There's some interesting information about basswood regarding resonation and overtones, et al, here:

i'm playing blues/rock and sometimes a little metal.  the sound i want must be good through the clean channel, but very distinct and chunky with overdrive, and void of that midrange howl that masks what would be a good sound.  :D  So, i'd like to come close to the "Geoff Whitehorn sound" heard on the bridge/overdrive mp3 demo (under bkp products)...

thanks for your time!
-best, russ

p.s. i'm still tempted by the "nailbomb" ...
Tim, how'd you know i was after your job? just kidding :D
Thanks for all your pre-sales help!!!
Title: crawler for b.c. rich
Post by: HJM on May 27, 2005, 07:10:51 AM
The Nailbomb works great in Basswood, my old RG sounds huge!

But the Crawlers give you more midrange, sort of a Les Paul type tone. I guess in Duncan terms it's a little like a JB, but how a JB should sound, without all the nasty spiky/nasal/honky midrange!
Title: crawler for b.c. rich
Post by: Ratrod on May 27, 2005, 05:11:42 PM
Quote from: Tim
You're definately after my job :lol:

In fact, I am looking for a new job. :)
Do you have a vacancy?

And I agree with HJM, a nailbomb would go great with basswood. Basswood is very dark sounding, so the crawler might make it too dark and warm.
Title: crawler for b.c. rich
Post by: rdeflavia on May 27, 2005, 05:26:07 PM
i don't intend to belabour this thread, but i am still receiving replies--thanks for all your input!  i must say, this is a great forum and my hat is off to all!

a member, who posted last, said that the "nailbomb" works great with basswood in an RG.   hmmmm, now i'm beginning to think that this is the way to go.  since i have a vintage les paul, perhaps i should go for an entirely different sound such that the "nailbomb" would give me for my b.c. rich.

the difficulty in making a choice is all bkp's fault because every pickup they produce is exceptional in its own way!!!  actually, i should just buy them all and be done with it :D

so, what do you think: nailbomb or crawler?

i'm itching to buy one next week and if i don't stop talking about it and place my order, Tim is going to think i'm wasting the forum's bandwidth and just blowing smoke :lol: ...

-cheers, russ
p.s. i've been telling everyone i know about bkp and that's a lot of musicians too who are now quite interested in bkp!!!
Title: crawler for b.c. rich
Post by: Ratrod on May 27, 2005, 05:56:28 PM
The Nailbomb would be more suitable for your musical style, IMHO.

If my ears don't deceive me, the crawler demo's were played with a strat style guitar. Strat's are usually a little bright.

Crawlers wouldn't be bad though. I think that guitar would sound very Santana-esque.