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Author Topic: External mic for guitar playthrough videos  (Read 1969 times)


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External mic for guitar playthrough videos
« on: March 09, 2017, 04:50:13 PM »
I'm thinking of doing those guitar playthrough videos you see on YouTube, or just guitar playing footage videos from my lessons I teach.

I am currently using my iPad mini to record the clips, mainly as its portable and I can mount it on a stand easily. However the in-built mic isn't the best for electric guitar in particular.

So can anyone recommend a good quality USB type mic I can plug into the iPad mini so I can get a half decent sound? Not looking for studio quality but something as near as I can would be good. Enough to hear the track in the background and the guitar over it.

Do I need a condenser mic? There's USB ones which I can get an adaptor to plug into the smaller iPad mini port.

And for anyone already doing guitar videos on YouTube what mics do you use and how do you set it up?