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Title: the "best"live performances-Detroit area
Post by: motormouth on November 27, 2005, 06:03:29 PM
Hummm,So many to choose from```Lets go with the badd asses first.I seen Reo speedwagon,open for ACDC,on the flic of the switch Tour at Joe Louis arean-Sold Out!ACDC WAS ON FIRE!Intense for me,i was 11or 12.Angus was Crazy,showing his ass,he got arrested after for indesent exposer!The huge hell bell,this show changed my life!Next would be WHitesnake,with vandenberge and cambell.Both traded of solos like angry swarms of killer bees!This was also a sold out show at joe louis!I remember we had main floor tickets,and i could'nt see anything,so my MOM put me on her shoulders!good times!Jumping up 10 yrs,i took my brother to his first concert,wihich was the zrock aniversery bash with Steve Vai,CLUTCH,and kicking harold,,,Clutch was amazing,they got the croud sooooo pumped for Steve,to this day,i never seen anyone mash like that at a Vai concert!
      Plasting of a few years,,,here comes Tool,To this day,i have never seen a band this good.I have seen them many times after,and they always sound better than their albums!Its like spending 50,000 dollars on a killer stereo system,and hearing things in the album you never heard before.Whos got that kinda money for a stereo anyway?Buy a ticket ,and see them live.Not a great guitar band,but as a whole,they cant be beat!Mood,art,and music all in one!ANy chance for a OZMOSIS DVD?