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Title: sound cards
Post by: Ochaye on July 01, 2011, 08:01:55 PM
my audigy zs 2 died it was really good for the zeppelin DVDs... LOUD through my 5.1  plus SWoof

i am now looking for a replacement for my DVDs and general PC music, but i now own BAND IN A BOX and GUITAR PRO 6 software and i fully intend to start home recordings at some later date on something like sonar i guess i will need an sound card/audio interface thingy and some good quality speakers.......

i dont know anything about this stuff.i am looking for a decent set up and will shell out about 4 or 5 hundred,tops

i am trying to strike the right balance in speakers so i dont have to pay, at this point anyways, big bucks for a SWoof

trying to strike a balance in a set up that sounds good with DVD playback as well as the DAWs

does it exist?whaddya think?