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Title: Nailbomb does Satch.
Post by: crispsandwich on March 05, 2006, 02:59:56 PM
I swapped my BKPs over to an unbranded Strat copy I bought on my birthday (Crimcr@p Eve for anyone who wants to send me any late guitar-related gifts :wink:). The guitar is much better quality than myPeavey. It's solid Alder I'm led to believe and the tone is a lot more full. It's also a lot nicer to play. It's strung with 11s and tone just drips from it with the BKPs. The only thing that bothers me now is that I'm having to completely re-do my patches with the Toneport. The BKPs are so clear, but the guitar sounds darker and more woody. Can't wait to buy a half-decent amp and play it through that :D.

Excuse the playing, there are a few bum notes and unwanted ones. I have trouble with this riff, especially on 11s :?. Not changing them for the world though. I'll get there :D.  

I think the tone is pretty close.

-Danny :)