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Title: Miracle Man set in action (neck leads, middle clean, bridge rhythm)
Post by: Lucas on August 31, 2020, 09:01:19 AM
Hi BKP friends!

I would love to share with you my newest video with Miracle Man set. This video gives you an idea how versatile and great sounding the Miracle Man set is. Everyone knows bridge model, but Miracle Man neck is little bit forgotten here and it is truly an unsung hero.
In this video all solos are neck model, all rhythm is bridge and clean parts are middle position. I would like to emphasize how great sounding the middle position is on cleans. I was truly surprised.
Miracle Man set is my go to set for most of my songs, hope you like this one.
Guitar used: Warmoth Custom Telecaster through Orange TH30 amp (Maxon OD808 for boost)  and Torpedo live (Ownhammer Heavy Hitters II Irs).

Thanks for watching, hope you like Miracle Man as much as I do.