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Author Topic: Proud to be with BK  (Read 2088 times)


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Proud to be with BK
« on: August 08, 2005, 09:50:30 PM »
:D Im so happy atm i fort i tell all here that ive just bought a calibrated miracle man set with 52mm spacing and 4 conductor and cameo covered set to go in my Maverick X1 and for my lead guitarists ESP LTD 50 a warpig in the bridge and The Mule in the neck with cameo covers! With also 52mm spacing and alnico IV in the mule with 4 conductors.  :twisted: man there gonna sound like kick ass guitars. I like to do solos as well as rythmn so i get best of both worlds crunch and sexy tone lol

Shall post some tracks of our band on here soon with the new pickups to show what there capable of! Our band is called Deth Defy

Thanks tim this guy is the cats pajamas doods he was real nice to me and gave me a whole world of advice on what to buy told me to go with my heart tells me to choose. It was tough but miracle man set it and i just luv the tone of 'em. Mega thanks tim again 'cos man you made sumthin special in the guitaring world and have given my band the sound it deserves. Amen to ''The traditional way - hand made'' 8)

Adam Kenyon
A D Kenyon