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Author Topic: Computer speakers  (Read 860 times)


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Computer speakers
« on: July 16, 2008, 06:02:03 PM »
I need some new computer speakers, my sub seems to cut out all the time which gets very annoying, and its quite a pain in the arse to carry to/from uni anyway because its a 2.1 system and takes up more space than I'd like. I'd like just a 2.0 system because they're more portable but I dont want cr@p quality especially on the bass and I've heard a few that sound tinny and boxy which is never good. What can anyone recommend for around 50 (might spend a bit more if itl be worth it)? The Creative gigaworks look good and I've been happy with my current creative i-trigues (except the sub/bass cutting out problem). I'd get some nice powered monitors but I just cant afford it and I dont need audiophile quality anyway.

Cheers :)

edit - I see Edirol and M-Audio make lower priced desktop monitors, would these be worth spending the extra money on over some creative stuff? Like I said I dont need audiophile quality it just needs to be as good as or better than my current Creative speakers which are quite a few years old now.
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