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Author Topic: OK I just want some free advice from legal bods!  (Read 860 times)


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OK I just want some free advice from legal bods!
« on: September 09, 2009, 04:40:56 PM »
Most know about my copany going into liquidation & me being out of a job, but I've been speaking with some of my old clients & they've been saying some strange things, so I just need to know if this is correct.

1) The company I worked for originally was bought out by an overall company & we became the head office & we were then 'old company name' trading as 'new company name'. When 'O.C.N.' went into liquidation it also stopped the 'N.C.N.' from trading..correct?

2) If this true then if 'Slight variation on N.C.N.' they can not take the goods/information from 'O.C.N.' and use it to their advantage can they?

3) When I worked at the old company we charged customers up-front for their goods & held them in stock & shipped them to them as & when they required, now I hear that those customers that 'S.V.O.N.C.N.' are trying to charge the custoemrs for shipping their stock to them & take their orders...can they do this?

I know it's quite technical, but I feel really strongly that this company are trying to falsely trade, but I don't want to tell my old customers anything that is incorrect. All cr@p given greatfully received

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