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Author Topic: A-pig (A pig.. geddit?!?) in Ancient Ironbird of Oldness +2.  (Read 1299 times)


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A-pig (A pig.. geddit?!?) in Ancient Ironbird of Oldness +2.
« on: November 19, 2010, 03:56:06 PM »
Hi there. I'm the new kid here. I play in a band with that lovable shaven-down Silverback Gorilla; Madsakre, and we play old-school(-ish) Death Metal(-ish.)

Yesterday, I sort of inherited an Alnico Warpig off of him, and I am kind of just sitting around tonight, and wondering if I should toss it in my old BC Rich Ironbird.

First off, the guitar is plywood.

Yes, fartin' Plywood. However it does sound very good. Nicely resonant, which might improve once I block the Floyd.
So, I am considering gutting the bar-steward of the wonky, semi-defective electronics and just tossing the A-pig in it.
With 1 volume pot, and also probably direct mount it in the wood, foregoing the pickup rings entirely.

Basically I'm making it a simple beast, that will be both TR00 PUNX (in the methods used for "restoration", ie. ruining it for resale), and kvlt as fvck simultaneously.

Your thoughts on this, lads. I'm probably gonna do it no matter what, but don't fret (haha, "fret", geddit?! ok I'll stop now), it will be easy to yank it out again and stuff it in a more "deserving" axe.