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Author Topic: Suhr Doug Aldrich  (Read 18676 times)


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Re: Suhr Doug Aldrich
« Reply #15 on: March 24, 2011, 06:14:43 PM »
From the descriptions the Cold Sweat does not have a strong midrange focus. It seems like the combination "middy guitar (which the LP is) plus middy amp (which the Legacy is) plus a pickup with a midrange focus (which the A-NB is to some extent) do not provide a balanced tone but an overly middy tone. To me, an overly middy tone indeed sounds thin because it's lacking bass and treble. If you want to stick to the guitar - my gut feeling rather implies that you are not really comfortable with it except for its unplugged tone - a pickup with less midrange focus could shift the tone to a more pleasing overall balance - thus making the sound fuller.
for the first time, I gotta disagree with you
right now I have a les paul with a very middy pickup, a high output equalizer pedal boosting more mids and cutting some bass, a very middy amp, with mid knob always dialed to 10, and quite middy speakers
and I gotta tell you, it sounds THICK and quite full, even though I have the bass knob on 2 and my amp doesn't have any sort of depth circuit

but for me it's still hard to imagine a strat with a cold sweat sounding thicker than a les paul with a nailbomb  :? :? :?

No problem, Eric. Actually, such mid-heavy tones may work very well in a band-setting, especially for leads.

Cheers Stephan


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Re: Suhr Doug Aldrich
« Reply #16 on: March 25, 2011, 06:41:21 AM »
In regard to the warpig is that primarily designed for detuned thrash chord work how does it solo as that is my main area.

As I'm quite new here I'm curious about the Warpig too. A mate of mine uses one in an HSS Strat and it certainly thickens up that guitar but he's a strictly Metalhead doing lots of rhythm work so I'm not sure how good it is for solo work. When I first visited this site the EQ charts suggested this was all bass and therefore probably wasn't a lead pickup so I dismissed it but I've since read a lot about how versatile it is. This raises a couple of questions for me that may well be relevant to the OP. Firstly, just how effective is it at lead work and secondly, just how good is it at non-extreme material like Whitesnake, Iron Maiden etc.? The clips on the website seem restricted to Modern Metal and in the hands of a Warpig, it seems to just be very brutal Modern Metal.
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