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Author Topic: Dead pot? bad solder?  (Read 1763 times)


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Dead pot? bad solder?
« on: September 15, 2011, 12:11:50 PM »
Hello all,
I'm a little lost with this, i need some help.

Yesterday i started hearing a 'scratchy' sound whenever i played a note using my neck pickup.
I thought the solder joints were not good so i put my hand into the body by the f hole, and moved the cables a bit, no signal at all..
Time to resolver the thing.
I have spent the morning on the volume pot and i can't get it to work.
When the volume is fully open, it works perfectly and i can move the pot a bit and bend the cables, the signal still goes through... sounds like a good soldering job to me.
As soon as i turn the volume down a little (1mm is enough) no sound at all..
So i tried measuring the resistance on the solder joints between the left lug and the central lug on my volume pot. central lu goes to tone, left lug goes to switch that goes to jack.
The resistance between the left lug and central lug is 0 when the pot is open (yay) and goes down normally when i turn the pot down ... seems like the pot works.
But when i use my multimeter as an audio probe: it acts differently:
touching the left lug makes a loud BUZZZ sound, so touching the right lug should make the same sound is the pot is fully open, right?
It acts this way when the pot is open, but then i close the pot a bit, the audio is cut directly.. still it's the same place i use when i measure the resistance between the lugs.

Do you have any idea what it means?
Is the pot dead? if it is, why would the resistance between the lug still decrease normally?
Is the soldering job bad (i'm a BEGINNER at soldering, it's NOT clean)? if it it, why would it work when the pot is open?

I'll take any advice :)
Thanks in advance
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