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Author Topic: Telecaster Wiring Scheme  (Read 1100 times)


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Telecaster Wiring Scheme
« on: January 12, 2012, 04:45:34 PM »
This is a mock up of a wiring scheme I'm using on my telecaster. I did this for a couple of reasons. First my preferred method of playing is to set my neck volume for my rhythm tone and then use my bridge for wide open leads which I usually do on my SG, but because the tele had only a master volume I found it was frustrating to try to keep fiddling with the volume on the fly. Second, I wanted a really mellow tone available at the flip of a switch for doing more subdued runs and riffs without the snarl of a wide open bridge and without messing with the tone knob too much. This scheme uses the standard telecaster set up of 3-way switch, volume, tone but gives you more varied options. The only thing you lose is both pickups at the same time which I found to be muddy anyway. There are also a couple of modifications I worked out that give some interesting possibilities.

Humbucker mod: If you have a humbucker in the neck position you can change the volume pot and resistor to ground to 500k the volume pot will be 500k when the neck is on and 250k when in the bridge is on.

Tone always on: If you want to have the tone knob available in all positions you can solder it like a normal tele coming off the input terminal on the volume pot. This will give you tone control in any switch position.

Second tone control: if you wire a small value cap (somewhere in the range of a treble bleed .002 or even up to .01) between the b0 terminal on the switch and the a1 or a2 terminal you can get clearer highs in the front or middle switch position and your volume control becomes a second tone control in the full back position.

Love some feedback on the layout and see if anyone has any ideas to improve the set up.

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