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Author Topic: BKP-92 clean thingy-majig  (Read 2109 times)


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BKP-92 clean thingy-majig
« on: March 05, 2006, 09:08:14 PM »
this was a rough framework of some acoustic song (well i say acoustic but it was on an elec. guitar obviously) - i mean acoustic-styley chord thingy. i did it for another forum where im getting some guys to sing for me and do some collaberations over the web cause i cant sing to save my life. bearing that in mind, the tone wasnt the important aspect in this clip but i thought id post it anyway because theres a lack of p-90 clips and i love mine to bits and because i wanted peoples opinions on the actual song idea as well. but im loving the sounds im getting from my set-up at the moment- especially th cleans.

recorded straight into zoom ps-04. just guitar on its own, nothing else.