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Author Topic: Is my wah already true bypass modded?  (Read 1110 times)


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Is my wah already true bypass modded?
« on: March 31, 2016, 03:26:03 PM »
Can anyone tell from looking at my Vox V847 if its already been true bypass modded? I took it apart today to replace the old pot and bought a 3PDT switch to mod for true bypass but this doesn't look like any of the stock vox wahs I've seen online. It does seem to suck a bit of tone when it's bypassed but could also just be the extra cable dulling the tone a little.

Definitely isn't a 3PDT switch but is it still true bypassed or should I replace it? I can't seem to get onto the website at the minute to check it against their diagrams.

from what I remember when I bought it years ago the guy did say it was true bypassed but like I said it doesn't look like it has the right switch?
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