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Author Topic: Do double row humbucker covers affect tone?  (Read 762 times)


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Do double row humbucker covers affect tone?
« on: May 02, 2021, 06:27:46 AM »
Hey all,

I know this has been covered for pickups with one row of screws/bolts but what about pickups with two rows of screws/bolts since they are all exposed? Obviously 6-cover/6 exposed covers affect/change the tone, even minimally, because the studs are covered and the screws are not. I've never seen this question asked though. So:

Do covers with all 12 screws/bolts (like on the Silo, Warpig) affect tone since all 12 screws/bolts are exposed? Or since all screws/bolts are exposed does it basically do nothing to the tone and is just strictly cosmetic? The only thing I could think is the cover could affect the magnetic field.

Weigh in if you have experience or know! I'm really curious because I love the sound of uncovered pups but love the look of covered ones! Thanks guys!
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