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Author Topic: Pickups for RGA 121?  (Read 1507 times)


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Pickups for RGA 121?
« on: November 12, 2006, 04:11:18 PM »
Hey, I'm seriously considering buying an Ibanez RGA 121 (the one with the fixed bridge). I'll be needing new pickups for it since I the V7/V8 ones in my other Ibanez and I thought they were average!

So basically, what would you recommend for bridge and neck? I've got my eyes set on a pair of Nailbombs since I have Warpigs in my other Ibanez. I'll be looking for a nice split tone for clean sounds here, strat kind of Eric Johnson tones ideally!

One of the best tones I've heard live was from Sikth ( and I believe they were using Nailbombs? Could anyone confirm this? I would love to have their kind of tone available to me, but also a warm jazz tone and sharp strat tone (I play in funk, jazz and prog rock bands).  Would it be possible out of this one guitar with the mahogany body?

Any ideas?

Cheers for your time!