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Here are a few shots of a double white '59 PAF we had to restore for a customer. We are fortunate to do quite a bit of this type of work and it gives us the opportunity to really study these beautiful original humbuckers.This example is typical of a double white and has a DC8.65K - a very rich sounding PAF!

This is an earlier example from '57 which came to us in quite a sorry state - the baseplate legs had been snapped off and soldered on at some point in it's life and the braided hookup had all but worn through after someone had tried to re-ground it to the underside of the baseplate. Fortunately the coils survived intact so after a new piece of vintage correct braid(all our braided jacket conductor is made for us to the original spec)and a little TLC it was all back together and ready to give many more years of service. This example was DC7.1K with quite asymmetrically wound coils which really goes to show how much early PAFs varied -  a lovely tone though, very detailed and open.

Here's some shots of what is more than likely a '58 PAF which came to use in quite a sorry state and with no original slugs by the look of it.


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