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Title: Brute Force for 6-string Djent?
Post by: Joshua Jimenez on April 22, 2021, 05:55:26 AM
Good day all!

I recently acquired an Ibanez RG421 with the intent of converting this into my first modern metal guitar. It's a meranti (Philippine Mahogany) body with the usual 25.5" scale.

Wondering if the Boot Camp Brute force will do me good for Drop C until Drop A. A friend and fellow-BKP fanatic suggested a Juggernaut bridge instead after I expressed that Periphery's Juggernaut Alpha and Omega album sound is my favorite djent sound ever. He also said that Brute Forces and Ragnaroks would be better for Deathcore which isn't something I'm planning to venture into yet.

I read though that the Jugg is less of an all-out djent bridge but an all-around pickup for meticulous tone-shaping. Wouldn't mind the big savings from going the Boot Camp route as well.

They also suggested

Thanks everyone! :)