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Author Topic: Mississippi Queen  (Read 7198 times)


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Mississippi Queen
« Reply #15 on: August 09, 2005, 12:10:25 PM »
It sounds really strong.  I originally put the switch in the wrong way around so the MQ was on when it was in the neck position  :crzy:   It is so quiet that I thought it was the neck humbucker pickup  :P

I don't know about the wind on yours, but Tim had put mine down as 'Black Dog' and it does have that fat sound of a humbucker.  But it also has the note clarity that you only get with single coils.  The pickup is loud though.  I have a mini-Mule in the neck and the MQ has a lot more power.  I have the coil tap too, and it works great, backing off a little of the mid without losing volume.

I am still waiting for the guitar to arrive from England (along with a few others that I miss, and including my Pig-90).  Once they get here, I'll try out the MQ against the Pig-90, though I think they will be pretty different.  They are in different types of guitars too.  The Pig-90 is in a 59 DC jnr, the MQ is in a custom walnut guitar with Wilkinson trem.
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