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Author Topic: Replacing the nut  (Read 10689 times)


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Replacing the nut
« Reply #15 on: September 09, 2005, 01:25:12 PM »
Couldn't agree more with Jonathan and 38th..........but then as a repairman I have a vested interest  :D

Had a guy bring a Jackson to me last week to which he'd fitted a new locking nut, obtained direct from Floyd Rose in the US. Only problem was it as a Korean Jackson, and the new nut lifted the strings about a quarter inch above the fretboard!! People buying the wrong thing is much more common than you might believe.

Don' t forget also, that we in the business have a good idea where to obtain stuff at good prices, and if that means the US, that's where we buy from. I get Fender parts from the US, and buying in sufficient quantity to negate the problems with minimum shipping costs, can sell them here cheaper than Fender's retail. For non genuine stuff I usually use Allparts UK (was Pincotts) and WD Music Products, both of whom give a very good service and there are others equally as helpful.
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Replacing the nut
« Reply #16 on: September 09, 2005, 02:50:01 PM »
Quote from: HJM
But then companies in the US have been doing this for years, I get better service from a small music store in LA that I get a few small sundries from, tubes etc, and they're a lot more helpful and knowledgable than even the best of my local shops.

Yes - unfotunately the words customer and service often don't seem to belong together in music shops in the uK.

i fear it is lack of training of staff or that the owner doesnt view it as a business - just as a viable alternative to gigging- or to fill in inbetween gigs.

But that is not true of Tim or myself or Ron or Bob or any of the guys who have businesses who take time out to post on here.

(Maybe it's a Yorkshire thing HJM - time to move???  <<kidding>>  ) - repairs & custom built
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Replacing the nut
« Reply #17 on: September 09, 2005, 03:33:06 PM »
Right on Jonathan, those of you who are old enough to remember (yes I'm an old git) will know that the guitar parts, repair and build industry in the UK has really moved on in the last 20 years and it's all in response to guys like you and all the other enthusiasts, customers and professionals, who have supported it. The High Street shops, unfortunately, seem to be totally turn over driven and often don't really contribute to the guiter player support infrastructure that Jonathan, Ron or myself have been talking about. The more you use it the better it will get and yes we will always source parts from the most cost effective area; we have to to stay in business. Two of the biggest parts suppliers in the UK have American parent companies; they must have faith in a developing UK guitar industry.
I apologise if I've got up some people's noses but there's a lot of talent in this country that should be exploited and encouraged. The American industry is only as successful as it is because Americans support it, believing it to be the best. Let's do the same here.
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Replacing the nut
« Reply #18 on: September 09, 2005, 05:58:45 PM »
To be fair there are a few good shops, but the majoriy no matter how friendly, appear bound to low end gear. Perhaps it's minimum order quantaties from the large manufacturers, perhaps the market isn't there in their view I don't know.

Don't get me wrong, a trip to LGS or music Live will open your eyes to some great UK suppliers and craftsmen, I think we all need to balance supporting the UK indusrty and defending our hard earned!!


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Replacing the nut
« Reply #19 on: September 10, 2005, 01:53:38 AM »
:D In my area the 2 main music shops are all competing in the low cost market. to counter balance this they all do high cost PRS`s it`s a nightmare. you either have to buy a cheap guitar or buy a ridiculously over priced PRS ! if you want something in between it`s almost impossible to find anything. There are no guitars built by English luthiers to buy. but plenty of american luthier imports. [ Holiday Music]  if we want people to buy from british luthiers then the music shops need to stock & sell them.

 :D  8)
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