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Hi guys.
From time to time some of us post reviews of BKPs here and they are very helpful and appreciated. Since we are thankful for and interested in every review we can get it is a shame that most of them quickly get lost in the endless archives.
This is why I though it would be nice to have something of an index for reviews.

I will keep my eyes open to update this thread with every new review. If I overlooked a review you would like to see added just shoot me a PM.

Any suggestions (as for organising this and such) are welcome!

59 Slab Board (neck and middle)

Abraxas (bridge) (neck) (bridge) (set) (set)

Aftermath (bridge) (neck) (bridge)


Black Dog (neck) (bridge) (bridge) (bridge) (set) (bridge, 7 string)

Black Hawk (bridge, alnico) (bridge, ceramic) (bridge, alnico) (bridge) (set, ceramic) (set, alnico)

Blue Note (set)

Cold Sweat (bridge) (bridge) (neck) (neck) (neck) (bridge) (set)

Crawler (bridge) (set) (bridge)

Emerald (bridge) (neck) (neck) (neck) (set) (set) (bridge)

Holydiver (bridge) (bridge) (bridge) (neck) (bridge) (set) (bridge) (bridge)

Irish Tour (mid)

Juggernaut (bridge) (set)

Motherīs Milk (neck)

Miracle Man (bridge) (bridge) (bridge) (bridge) (set)

Missisippi Queen (bridge) (neck)

Mule (bridge) (neck) (bridge) (set)

Nailbomb (alnico) (ceramic) (ceramic, alnico, bridge and neck!) (alnico) (neck) (bridge, alnico) (bridge, ceramic)

Nantucket (neck) (bridge)

Old Guard (set)

Painkiller (bridge) (neck) (bridge, 7 string) (bridge) (bridge)

Piledriver (bridge) (bridge)


Rebell Yell (bridge) (set) (bridge)

Riff Raff (bridge) (bridge)

Sinners (baseplate custom bridge models in middle and neck) (baseplate custom bridge models in middle and neck) (neck) (bridge)

Slowhand (bridge & neck)

Stormy Monday (set)

Supermassive (neck)

The Boss (set)

Trilogy Suit (middle & neck) (neck)

VHII (neck) (bridge) (bridge) (bridge, neck) (bridge & neck in middle) (bridge) (neck, 7 string)

Warpig (bridge, ceramic) (bridge, ceramic) (bridge, alnico)

Yardbird (neck)


Awesome idea and a thread that should certainly become a 'sticky' in my view  :D

Philly Q:
Good idea!

Maybe there's a way of setting up some kind of reviews database so people wouldn't need to scroll through what might become a long thread as it grows (I know that's jumping the gun!) 

It would also stop people cluttering up the thread with off-topic comments (like I always do...!)

Thanks a lot for this Kiichi, I'm sure this will save a lot of time and help new BKP users to make the right choice. Just shows again how many awesome people there are on this forum :)


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